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March 28, 2010



Nina- thoughtful post as always. I went in mental circles around and around this question for years, sis, as you might have guessed. Kushner's way of thinking provided me a lot of comfort for a full year, and I still come back to it sometimes...I interpreted his philosophy to be more along the lines of this: God has the power to turn all bad things that we go through into good for his purposes if we invite him to act in our lives. And, I've sincerely found that to be true; the relationship is central to this belief for me, though. I know I'll never have the kind of divine answers that explain the reason for the existence of evil in the world, but I conclude that 1) the earth was never meant to be heaven-our earthly life is temporary, fleeting, and flawed, since we have both limited understanding and free will, and 2) happiness and goodness are defined by their opposites, pain/sadness and evil, and exist alongside each other in the universe. I believe this dualism exists, but I still appreciate the difficulty of having to grapple with the "why?" question when horrible things happen. I feel like all anyone can do is speak from experience- and for me, my interpretation of God managed to turn a disastrous situation into a coherent, hopeful future.

Sonyas World

Great treatise on suffering. My wife and I approach this from pretty different angles right now. I've tended to become more spiritual, but less traditionally Catholic, about suffering. When my wife was largely based in good and evil, god and the devil, that sort of stuff. As such, she's angry at God. Very angry. That anger doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Hopefully she will start making peace with it soon and be able to look at the question of her suffering in a sophisticated way like this.

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