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March 11, 2010


Harry Shearer

That's very true. Speaking up and showing your concern can be one of the few ways of treating depression naturally, as people who suffer from this illness may be just needing support from those around them. Great post by the way.

E Wilson

Congress appropriated 10 million dollars for this project of the Centers of Excellence for Depression and Bipolar. The provision called for 100 million dollars for the first 20 sites and 150 million dollars for the last 10 sites. This is to take place over 5 years.
The amount of money appropriated is not even enough for 1 Center.
How are we going to get the word out that people need to contact their legislators to ask for funding. The media is not speaking of this project when they discuss health care reform and it is part of the health care reform law.
I contacted newspapers, blogs, TV, even the political organization that will oversee theses Centers and they do not mention it unless it is picked up by major media.
This is so sad to me that this project has come this far and we can not get this funding or any attention from the media.
If anyone reads this and knows how to get this project in the media please do so.


How true is that!! When I went through the worst depression bout I have ever experienced it was my friends and family who stepped up. Even though they didn't know how bad I felt or know what to say, just knowing that they were there made me feel like I wasn't alone. Thatade a world of a difference.
If you know someone who is battleing a mental illness and you notice that something is amiss, please ask the person if they are ok. Knowing that other people care is so comforting.
Great post Nina!! I am so glad I found you blog!!

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