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May 03, 2010


Sarah E Allen

I am so glad that other people understand this often misunderstood symptom of severe depression. I have recently changed to a new combination of meds and seem to be improving. A huge sign is that I can listen to music again. When I was really bad, I found myself seeking out things like audiobooks and podcasts. Anything with a person talking. It was like having someone there without the worry of embarrassing yourself.

I think that listening to music is a situation where you are alone with your thoughts. Happy or sad, the music does not matter or help. It was frightening to even think of getting myself into that situation. It sounds totally crazy, but maybe that's what it is.

Being able to listen to music again seems like a good milestone for recovery. It is definitely one of the things that makes me feel like my old self again.

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Actually You can change your mood and even get rid of the depression WITH the help of music, Just listen some of the other kind, not so dull or calm or gloomy but some merry one.


omg, i thought i was the only one!!! for years, i've had the worse time trying to listen to music - and music was once the only thing that kept me going - for the same exact reasons you said. i couldn't even describe why but you did it for me.

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